Vipassana Meditation Centre

Centre offering courses in Vipassana Meditation as taught by
S.N.Goenka in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin


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About Children's Course

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About Children's Course

Sample Timetable

08:30 amto09:30 am- Arrival time and check-in (Please allow enough time to register)
09:30 amto09:50 am- Orientation for children
10:00 amto10:45 am- Introduction and Anapana meditation instructions
10:45 amto11:20 am- Rest and Snack
11:20 amto11:50 am- Meditation
11:50 amto12:20 pm- Group Checking and Story
12:20 pmto01:20 pm- Lunch and free time
01:20 pmto02:00 pm- Meditation and small group checking
02:00 pmto02:35 pm- Age Appropriate Activity / Crafts Project
02:35 pmto03:05 pm- Meditation
03:05 pmto03:25 pm- Quick group checking regarding new instructions and Story
03:25 pmto03:35 pm- Children fill out Course Evaluation forms
03:35 pmto04:05 pm- Snacks and Activity / Finish up crafts project
04:05 pmto04:25 pm- Meditation
04:25 pmto04:55 pm- Ending talk and Metta Instructions
05.00 pm - Course ends